Friday Favorites: May 22. 2015


It’s Memorial Day Weekend which officially marks the beginning of summer! Here’s my #FridayFavorites that are sure to help you make a splash this season! Various pieces were chosen so all my ladies of different sizes can look fabulous! There are sales all weekend so take advantage!

First up is this amazing swimsuit cover up from It’s fashion forward & definitely a conversation piece when you step on the beach!


Next is this sleek, floral one piece from It’s so sexy yet classy with these bold colors to make everyone pay attention!


This swimsuit from is simply hot! I love the zipper in the front so you can monitor how much you want to let the “girls” out to play!


This bikini set from is simply amazing with this Aztec print & neck detail! That’s what you call a showstopper!


This airy, high-low coverup from gives a simple but chic silhouette so you look just as good covered up!


Workout Wednesdays: Curvy Chick Fitness Dance

This week’s post will be highlighting Curvy Chick Fitness Dance, a fun and easy way to work out.


The class is run by Charity Lynette. Charity decided to start the class to promote a healthier lifestyle for women and to promote heart health. After her 100 lb weight loss, Charity wanted to create an environment where women could feel comfortable, share their problems and of course become healthier!

Curvy Chick Fitness Dance classes usually run about 45 minutes long and consists of choreographed dance steps to the tunes of new and old school hip hop and R&B music. Suitable for anyone, the class is entertaining while still giving you a great workout! Interested? Check out the flyer below.


Friday Favorites: May 15, 2015

My Friday Favorites are back and better than ever!


Less is more in this cleavage plunging dress! It accents the curves with class & sophistication. Available at


Want moist, kissable & tasty lips?? Then try some lip luv from AJ Delane! His lip balms are all natural lip plumpers with flavors like grand marnier & amaretto! Order at


Keep your head laced in the latest from the Gifted Elite with styles for men & women! Check out their products at


Ladies, it’s officially #sunniesseason so check out this chic pair of sunnies from! I love the color, shape and of course, the price!


Finally, Designer Monif C. does it again as she get the size sexy chicks ready for swimsuit season! I love this set cause of the color plus we know Monif makes quality pieces. Order yours at


Workout Wednesdays: 4 Moves You Should Be Doing Everyday


There’s a common myth that working out will cause women to lose their curves. Contrarily, it is all about being in tune with your body and following an exercise plan specifically tailored for you.

Across the board, however, the 4 moves I’m sharing with you today are good for all women, all shapes, and all sizes. Do these moves every day and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier body!

1. Lunges: Best for shaping thighs and butt, lunges also work the entire core

2. Squats: While there are various styles of squats, sticking to the basics is beneficial for working out anywhere. Squats work your lower back and help to shape a firmer butt.

3. Push-ups: Deemed one of the most difficult exercises, push-ups are the best exercise for arms, legs, and your core.

4. Cardio: Perhaps the easiest and the most versatile, cardio is the best way to burn calories and fat. Cardio options are endless and range from jogging, swimming or dancing.

See, this isn’t too hard right? Make sure to incorporate these 4 moves into all your workouts for a healthier, curvaceous body.

Now that I have you FOUR exercises to include daily, here’s a fun class in NYC to utilize it called “Body Language: The Art of Seduction with Miss Ksyn”. Get in shape, enhance your sexy at the same time!


Ksyn, pronounced kay-sin, is a professional dancer, model and actress born and raised in Bronx, NY. She has been featured in some of today’s hottest videos with artists like Usher, Mary J Blige, Ciara, Beyonce, and 50 Cent to name a few. Ksyn is also known as one of Beyonce’s hottest dancers on her tours! Body Language is a class where as women we can express themselves Sensually, Sexually and most importantly Confidently thru the art of the Striptease.

Each class is designed to teach you moves that can be used from the dance floor to the bedroom by ANY Woman no matter age or size with little to no dance experience. Attire for the class is completely up to you, however it is suggested to wear fitted clothing such as leggings or shorts, a tank top, sports bra, or t-shirt. Each class is $20 and will be 18 and over. You can pre pay via card or drop in (cash only at the door) Heels are Mandatory!! (Unless discussed otherwise) To RSVP email your Full name to with Body Language as the subject!

Model Mondays: Beauty Contouring Tips and More!

I’ve made my tv rounds quite a few times this year already! Check out this segment on Beauty Contouring Tips! Makeup contouring isn’t just for celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez anymore. We’re showing you how to perform contouring magic. Celebrity makeup artist, Christopher Michael is the man behind some of the best faces in the business like Kimora & Tyra! He’s also my personal makeup artist! Watch this video of us on “The Better Show” to see how he contoured my face! downloadfile

Also I appeared on Pix 11 News for a segment on Spring Fashion for the plus woman hosted by Plus Model Magzine! I loved my Eloquii jumper I wore! Check out all the fashions here. downloadfile-1

Introducing Workout Wednesdays!

Ladies, summer is right around the corner (actually just one month away!) and we all plan to go to the beach and show off our hottest bathing suits. Along with flaunting those suits, we also want to flaunt those curves. While working out is a HUGE piece of getting ready for summer, it is proven that up to 70% of a healthy lifestyle and body is contingent upon your diet. Most of the time, our cravings are what kills us. Here are 3 ways to kick those cravings in order to achieve healthier eating habits:

1. Say no to sodium: Potato chips and french fries (or any fried foods) can cause a LOT of bloating and high blood pressure. Instead, reach for a few unsalted pretzels or low-sodium nuts such as peanuts, almonds or pistachios. If you have to cheat a little, try pita chips instead.

2. Do not eat your feelings: If you’re sad do not reach for that carton of ice cream. Instead, take a brisk walk or channel your emotions actively. Binge eating creates unhealthy habits and begins difficult to fight. If you must munch on something, grab some fruit like pineapples or watermelon (both great for relieving stress!)

3. Finally, motivate yourself through rewards: Don’t torture yourself! Treat yourself to a small piece of candy if feel like you deserve it. The trick, however, is to not splurge and let the sweets tempt you. This last step takes a lot of determination and willpower.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to kicking those sneaky habits. Stay tuned for next week’s Workout Wednesday post!

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Model Mondays: Meet Sophia Adams, Curvy Police Trainee turned Model

Sophia Adams, 21, overcame self-doubt about her curves to beat thousands of competitors in the Star in a Bra competition. Adams, who hails from north London, entered the competition with no prior modeling experience and came out on top, beating 1,000 other international prospects. She will be featured in the next ‘Star in a Bra’ campaign and she has also landed a modeling contract with Bridge Models, a renowned plus modeling agency.



The trainee police officer, who has a 32JJ bust, will be joining the brand’s curvy line-up and starring in their Spring/Summer 2016 catalogue shot in the Mediterranean. When Adams heard the great news, she was beyond ecstatic. In a recent interview, she even said: “I was in total disbelief when I first found out I’d won. I couldn’t actually say anything else apart from ‘shut up’ and ‘no way’ for the first five minutes of knowing!”

On her Star in a Bra profile Sophia listed her reason for entering was “I’m entering star in a bra because.. I finally have the confidence and would love to model for Curvy Kate.. I used to have so many body hang ups, hated my size and wanted to change myself. But as I get older I’m realizing it’s all about self love and treating your body like the temple it is!”



Liris Crosse recognized as Naomi Campbell of Plus Modeling via The UK’s Daily Mail

We all know Liris Crosse is a woman that will not settle for anything less than success. Liris is garnering international attention within the last week since the UK’s Daily Mail entitled her the Naomi Campbell of plus-sized modeling. From humble beginnings, Liris established herself after several rejections due to her voluptuous figure. Liris has been praised for her relentlessness in a rigid and unkind industry where anything bigger than a size two is practically impossible for a prospective model. Liris broke this barrier and continues to strut her way to fame. Word got out and has spread quickly within the last 48 hours, as Life & Style , The UK’s The Voice and, HuffPost Canada have written articles on the full-figured beauty. To check out the full articles from Daily Mail, Life & Style and Huffington Post, click on the links in this post!

Size 18 woman dubbed the Naomi Campbell of the plus-size modelling industry lands major fashion campaigns and a starring role in Jay Z's music video

Size 18 woman dubbed the Naomi Campbell of the plus-size modelling industry lands major fashion campaigns and a starring role in Jay Z’s music video

Meet the Model That Industry Insiders Are Calling the Plus-Sized Naomi Campbell!

Meet the Model That Industry Insiders Are Calling the Plus-Sized Naomi Campbell!

Liris Crosse, 'Plus-Size Naomi Campbell,' Is Making Waves In Fashion

Liris Crosse, ‘Plus-Size Naomi Campbell,’ Is Making Waves In Fashion

Friday Favorites: June 6, 2014



Starting off this week’s Fashion Friday is the Ekineyo Crayon Print Crop Top and Matching Peplum Skirt. The top goes for $58 and the skirt is $138.


Then we have blogger Elann Zelie, who has created the perfect tutu for curves with her Pretty in Pink Tutu which is currently on sale for $75.



Got a white party to attend? Make an entrance in this HEIRESS WHITE LOW BACK MAXI DRESS BY KAMI SHADE. It retails for $184 and could easily be worn also as a bride’s reception gown.



It’s summer time & that means its swimsuit season! I love that NaKIMuli makes clothing for ALL sizes! This sexy bathing suit doesn’t disappoint so all my ladies can slay at the beach or pool.


Lastly, a girl has to eat right? Well, I live in Williamsburg & one of my favorite spots to eat & drink at is Sweet Science! The food is scrumptious & affordable. The staff is friendly so it feels like an episode of “Cheers”. They offer lunch & dinner during the week with brunch on the weekends. Two of my favorites are the BLT with chipotle mayo & the Catfish sandwich with broccoli rabe’.