Workout Wednesdays: Model Drops 200+ lbs & #HealthyCurves Giveaway!


Thirty-five year old model, Rosie Mercado decided that enough was enough when she was told on a flight that she would have to buy two seats to accommodate her. Mercado admitted that this was her turning point and she began to cry.

“Blessed with a beautiful face, lofty cheekbones and a defined jawline, Rosie remembers how modelling agencies were wowed by photos showing the top half of her body, but would quickly lose interest after discovering her measurements – in particular, her 65-inch hips,” says the DailyMail.

After that incident on the plane, Rosie decided that it was up to her to take charge of her health and enrolled in a self-help course. Rosie also took other crucial steps such as improving her diet and following a strict regime. She cut out fast foods and in turn consumed more lean meats and fruits and vegetables.

Rosie now weighs 201 pounds, which is just 21 pounds short of her goal. In three years, she transformed from a size 34 and 65 inch hips to a size 16/18 and size 48 hips.

model moddel”It has not been the easiest journey, and I’ve had my ups and down,” she admitted. ”But, when I compare my quality of life now to how it used to be, I know it was worth it.”

This is truly an inspirational and amazing story and I am beyond thrilled for Rosie. Her Facebook video is even more heartfelt and touching! For every reason she listed of why she dropped the weight is pure common sense to me. I said this awhile back at the Plus Town Hall Meeting “plus women need to get real about their health & stop being in denial”. Some are sweeping it under the rug & masking it with handbags, hairdos & new outfits but meanwhile have a restricted quality of life. U can be plus size & be healthy so find your best healthy! It doesn’t mean being skinny just healthy! I want everyone around as long as possible. Glad Rosie found hers & will be around better for her kids.


FullSizeRender (28)

I also want to introduce the #LirisFit #HealthyCurves giveaway in collaboration with! One lucky winner will receive two pieces from the FullBeauty Fit collection!  As you all may know I recently have a tribute issue with Curvysta Magazine, which included a fitness spread. Above is my shot in the FullBeauty activewear in the issue!  #HealthyCurves have always been important to me and having a healthy body that you are happy with!

But, I want to hear from YOU! What do #HealthyCurves mean to you? I want to know your story and what is unique about you. Post your pic and make sure to hashtag #LirisFitGiveaway and #OwnYourCurves and tag @LirisC & @fullbeautystyle to be entered! A winner will be decided on Weds.Nov.11th!  Who knows, maybe you could be my lucky winner!

Surprise! Liris Crosse for Curvysta Magazine



Hello! Hello! Well it has been a while, but I have a treat for you all! Well here it is, a tribute issue on me via Curvysta Magazine! They gave me creative control and I ran with it! I wanted to show how I want PLUS FASHION to go and my chameleon versatility! I have a few pictures below just for a sneak peek but you all can log onto to to view the full issue!

I want to thank all of the photo shoot teams who were a part of making this happen from hair, makeup, photography, to assistants, designers, brands and base camp!

FullSizeRender (8)FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (9)


FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (7)

Liris Crosse to walk in Project Runway finale TV show!

IMG_5778Well, I can finally let my secret out!!! For the first time ever, “Project Runway” is having plus models walk in their designer finale runway show and I’m one of them!! I’m so thankful to be a part of this historic moment especially since it’s going to be at the official New York Fashion Week tents. I haven’t done a show at the tents in years. I wish I could say what designer I’m walking for but NOPE you just have to tune in when the episode airs on Project Runway next month. You know I’m gonna slay on that runway as if my life depended on it! I’m praying that this helps opens more doors for plus models on the major fashion runways at NYFW & around the world. I would like to thank my new NY agency, IPM Models, for getting my the opportunity to showcase my runway skills & book this amazing job!! Wish me blessings everyone & stay tuned to my social media as always to follow my #LifeOfAWorkingModel . I am @LirisC on Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat plus . Project Runway airs Thurdsays at 9pm EST/8pm CST on Lifetime. Below are a few great moments of me on the runway over the past couple years!

Liris the NYFW edition

Liris on Vogue Italia site as Plus Night Out Ambassador

FullSizeRender (1)

It’s officially fashion week in New York City & for years, Plus Night Out, has been the premiere event for the plus woman to get her NYFW fix! I am honored to be a model ambassador for this year’s PNO and even more excited that Vogue Italia posted my pic on their site about their curvy NYFW roundup. So excited that my BFF William Henry Rawls is premiering his Wardrobe by William Henry Rawls collection. He’s designed many things for me over the years but has never done a runway presentation so I’m looking forward to walking for him. I am beyond excited for him! ( Thanks for shoot crew who made this pic possible: Christopher Michael, Dior Sovoa & Suede) ! You don’t want to miss it, for media or to get tickets, go to and check out this ‪#‎VogueCurvy‬ post

Workout Wednesdays: The “Gonna Make You Sweat” Playlist


Happy Wednesday! As always I’ve got another #WorkoutWednesdays post but this week instead of focusing on exercise or eating habits, I am discussing music. Music is an essential factor in the art of exercise! Have you ever heard a song come on while you’re in the middle of your workout and you instantly become turned off? It’s not uncommon to lose your momentum just from one song. So, how can you fix that? All you need is a killer playlist that is sure to keep you moving and burning those calories. I call this playlist “Gonna Make You Sweat”. None of these songs will slow you down but rather push you further!

1. Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix): OMI

This upbeat summer anthem is sure to put a smile on your face while you work out! From the smooth trumpet to OMI’s even smoother voice as he proclaims his love for his lady, it’ll have you dancing on the treadmill!

2. Hey Mama: David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha and Afrojack

This year has been phenomenal for Nicki Minaj and this is just another major hit for her! This isn’t her first time working with David Guetta and the two make a dynamic duo! This song is good to run to or keep you motivated while pushing yourself!

3. Trini Dem Girls: Nicki Minaj feat. LunchMoney Lewis

Another one by Nicki; I love the beat on this track. The lyrics are fun, flirty, and instantly make you want to bust a move!

4. 7/11 (Jersey Club Mix): Beyonce

The original version is already a hit, but the Jersey Club Mix adds that extra umph to push you to hold that plank longer or add 20 extra reps!

5. S&M: Rihanna

A Rih Rih classic! The fast tempo of this song is great for cardio workouts or running because the song keeps going until the very last seconds! You’ll have the song on repeat before you know it!

6. Bruk It Down: Mr. Vegas

Of course, I had to add some spice to the playlist. With its playful beat and catchy chorus, you’re guaranteed to be dancing for the whole two minutes and fifty seconds of Mr. compare hotels Vegas’ Bruk It Down.

7. I Love It: Icona Pop

Continuing to add variety to this playlist, I Love It is an international hit that tells a story of someone fed up with love and ready to be free. In other words even though Aino Jawo (lead for Icona Pop) is basically through with this relationship, she let it come out in a club banger instead of a smooth jam. Nevertheless, it worked for Icona Pop and it has been a hit in the gyms and for sports teams since it came out!

8. Crazy In Love: Beyonce feat. Jay-Z

Who can ever forget the first single off of Beyonce’s debut album? Classic doesn’t even fit the song. This song, to date, has been a hit both in the club and at the gym. By now there are probably dozens of remixes, but nothing is better than the original version to get you on your feet!

 9. Get Ya Freak On: Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot is truly a musical genius. Although this song dropped in 2001 (which seems so long ago), it still makes me wanna dance!

10. Stronger: Kanye West

Last but not least, I had to include this dope song by Kanye. While not as fast-paced as the other songs, Stronger gives more of a mental drive as in the lyrics it is motivating you to push yourself and ultimately become stronger!

Model Mondays: Liris Crosse, First Black Model to grace Goddess Lingerie

Goddess Kayla Bella Coral

I am proud to be featured in the new campaign and trade workbook for Goddess Lingerie; not to mention I am the first Black model to do so! I appreciate them seeing the beauty in me as a model and having me to represent their brand. It is a great step for model diversity within the industry! They didn’t book me cause I am black model but rather I was the best model for the job! I am extremely excited and proud to be a part of the company’s history and will continue to be an inspiration to women everywhere via my #LifeOfAWorkingModel !

I worked with them for Market Week and CurvExpo in New York. I can’t begin to tell you the excitement from the buyers of all shapes, sizes, races and gender about my shoot for the line! A few commented that their customers would be so excited to see “someone like them” or they are glad to see some diversity. That made my heart smile! I’m now in Las Vegas working the west coast, CurvExpo, for them. If you happen to be in town and at CurvExpo, be sure to stop by our booth and check out the collections!

Goddess has really made an effort to stay ahead of the game with their latest fun and flirty designs. Kayla, one of the bras featured in the collection showcases two new adorable prints: Bella Floral and Kitty Seal. Take a look at the other styles Goddess offers below!

Goddess Keira Hyacinth

Goddess Kayla Kitty Seal

Goddess Adelaide Basque

Goddess Michelle

Goddess Yvette

Four Influential Black Women, Four Magazine Covers

















Serena, Misty, Beyonce and Ciara are making history; Four influential Black women all on magazine covers! I love it so much and am so ecstatic about the fierceness they each give us.

Serena poses in New York with such poise and grace. Not to mention her body looks insane!


sw1 sw2



Talk about flawless! That’s exactly what Bey is in her third appearance for Vogue. I am loving the wet and wavy look on her!

bey1 bey3 bey2






Misty is indeed always on pointe as the title of the September issue of Essence suggests. The distinguished ballerina and recently named ABT principal looked absolutely stunning!

mc1 misty mc2


In her interview with Shape magazine, Ciara talks about her struggle with weight after having her son, and a little detail about her relationship with Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. On top of that the sultry songtress has lost 60 lbs. and she looks awesome!

ciara1 ciara-2 ciara-3

Friday Favorites: August 14, 2015


Thanks God it’s Friday cause I have some great finds for you! First up is this beautiful Julia Jordan Allover Lace Midi Sheath Dress I modeled for my client Belk!! It’s flirty, classy and still fashion forward. The color is perfect for wedding season too!

IMG_5010 (1)

Next is this lace ruffle bikini from !!! It’s so fresh & unique! I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s right on time for you to shut it down for Labor Day outings!

FullSizeRender (21)

How can you not love this colorful, Aztec inspired romper. The colors are bold, sure to make people stop & stare when you walk by!

FullSizeRender (19)

Ughhhhhhh this shoe is so amazing beautiful but we all have to wait till the middle of his month for it to drop. It’s called Miss Santiago designed by Alejandra G. Don’t say I never did you a favor! Put your coins aside for this beauty so you don’t miss out!

FullSizeRender (22)

I fell in love with this color maze jumper from Fashionable Addictions as soon as I scrolled past it. It’s a piece that can be worn from day to night with ease. The print is playful & fun with a hint of sexy!

FullSizeRender (20)

That’s all folks #TGIF

Workout Wednesdays: 5 (Free) Tips for Staying Active


Happy Wednesday! The end of summer is slowly creeping up on us BUT there is still time to get active in a fun way. But, no matter the season there is always a way to stay fit. Skip the pricey gym memberships and expensive trainers or classes. This week features the top five ways to exercise for free! So grab some water, a friend and your music!

1. Take a hike: Literally! Look up hiking trails in your area and plan a day of exploring. If you want to challenge yourself, aim for trails with steeper hills to burn more calories! Be sure to stay hydrated, bring a few healthy snacks and wear comfy shoes!

2. Catch a wave or play in the sand. Swimming is one of the best and easiest ways to exercise. It works the entire body while not requiring any equipment! Running barefoot in the sand is also a great alternative for active runners that want an extra challenge.

3. Create a YouTube playlist. For those lazy days when you don’t even want to leave your house, put together a YouTube playlist of workout videos that you can turn on and roll out your yoga mat.

4. Take it to the track. If you live near a school or recreation center, the track is a great location for a disciplined workout whether it may be jogging a few laps, sprinting, intervals, or even taking advantage of the stadium stairs for an extra workout!

5. Try intramurals. Get together a team of your friends and head to the basketball court, football field or baseball field and have fun while staying active. Make it a weekly routine or set up a schedule in order to keep the team together!

There are countless other free options, so be sure to look at park events in your area or venture out on your own!

Model Mondays: Beauty Is Timeless, Meet 84-Year Old Supermodel Madame Carmen Dell’Orefice


She is the world’s oldest working model, and at the young age of 84, Madame Carmen Dell’Orefice is still working the runway! Dell’Orefice, who landed her first Vogue cover at age 15, has spent seven decades in the fashion industry ever since.

Accoriding to Dell’Orefice, staying in the industry requires the ability to adapt and to become a chameleon: “”Anyone who doesn’t change is missing a lot in life because that’s a control thing and once you think you know everything, you’re a dead duck.”

Dell’Orefice has evolved over her 70-year reign. Take a look below for a glimpse of her work:


image1 (1)